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SA Olive Oils – The Consumer’s Optimal Choice

Olive Oil

It’s official: South African olive oils rate the highest when it comes to quality, value for money and truthful labelling. This confirmation comes from a new study by SA Olive (SAO) that put various local and imported olive oils through a rigorous international test. The results prove unequivocally that South …

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The Intelligent Approach to Retail Crime

Retail Crime

Retail theft cost store owners around the world USD $107.3 billion last year which is the equivalent of 1.36% of global retail sales. Retailers are finding themselves investing more and more each year to combat the problem. Last year alone $26.8 billion was spent on crime prevention. Some solutions to …

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New Products for Your Bakery:


Tropolite Selona International ( Tropolite is a premium quality, dairyfree whip topping which has a light creamy flavour and an exceptionally smooth texture, with outstanding shelf-life and stability. When used on cakes as a cream topping, the cream covered cakes and confections can last for up to seven days if …

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Vital Health Awards Greens the Future

Vital Health Awards

A runner-up in the recent Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Awards, Vital Health Food has felt the benefit of reducing the company’s carbon footprint through a huge cost saving, as well as creating a sustainable working environment. “Our biggest surprise was not only a successful attempt to reduce energy …

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