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Glass RecyclingGlass and design go hand-in-hand; a packaging material with not only exceptional green credentials, glass is the epitome of form and function. It was with this in mind that The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) collaborated with online design community to host a t-shirt design contest. The intent behind the activation was to raise awareness of the benefits and significance of glass recycling to the long-term sustainability of planet earth.

The international contest, entitled ‘Glass going Green’ offered prizes worth US$2500 to the winning designs and the winner as voted by an online audience selected “Bottle Doodle” – a creation by designer, dewedhe. The winning t-shirt creatively depicts the importance of glass recycling and its impact on the environment, and will enable TGRC to spread its ‘glass recycling’ message in a unique, trendy way. The Second place went to xraysucks with ‘Recycle Me’ and third to a veteran on, vcalahan with ‘Recycle’.

CEO of TGRC, Shabeer Jhetam, says “We wanted to create an interactive platform for people to experience the TGRC brand.’s massive social media platforms and database of designers enabled us to achieve a tangible product – in the form of a t-shirt – that will assist us in spreading the glass recycling message even further.”

Recent results released by TGRC show that glass recycling rates are up to 40% – meaning that 40% of glass consumed by South Africans is recycled. This is an incredible achievement, but also shows how much work is still to be done. “Glass packaging is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely, so instead of sitting in the bin, your glass could easily go to a glass bank as part of its journey to being recycled to create an entirely new glass packaging container,” says Jhetam. “Recycling your glass is one of the easiest ways to change your impact on your environment and to reduce your personal carbon footprint thereby reducing South Africa’s collective footprint.”

Co-founder of, Eran Eyal says “Designers – as individuals who are acutely aware of the aesthetic value of a world where nothing is given to waste and all things are in balance – are at the forefront of recycling. Whenever there is a cause for good you will find designers plying their skill to express their love for the planet and their surroundings. This exciting contest allowed the Springleap community to interact and rally around The Glass Recycling Company’s core values and mission. With a campaign reach of over 1,2m users on Facebook per week over eight weeks and some incredible designs, I believe the mission to achieve awareness by way of the medium of artistic expression was a resounding success.”

To find the location of your nearest glass bank, visit You can also find TGRC on Twitter (@TGRC), or on Facebook (

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